REPTOIDES "Nueva especie" EP


As the world plunges into further distortion and absurdity, as the line is blurred between organic and technology, and as humans lose their humanity at an exponential rate, delving into mania and murky thoughts, with no clear sight of any clarity. As the Earth dives into this muck and goo, REPTOIDES have unleashed a monster (or should i say Martian?) of an EP upon the world.

Take the pulverizing, laser gun and stomping punk of their previous incredible release from the year prior and hone the music into a more focused and condensed beam of noise laden-sonic-overdriven hardcore-punk. The music is completely incinerating and sinister.

To make a close approximation, take the first 2 EPs of Rudimentary Peni, then mix it would early Finnish hardcore punk from 1982 and then put it all through an old school noisecore lens and you'll be somewhere in the vicinity of REPTOIDES.