SOLD OUT - v​/​a "Rapsodie en France" LP

Sold out

Slightly messed up covers, so slightly reduced the price on these 5 copies, but each order gets 2 covers/booklets!

I'm very happy to announce the official reissue of the classic 1985 comp tape "Rapsodie en France Vol. 1" from Jungle Hop International. In my opinion, this is one of the best and last classic 80s tape comps to receive a proper vinyl treatment. Painstakingly remastered from the best possible source materials to maximize the audio assault. We also conducted an interview with one of the original creators of the Jungle Hop International label, Pierre, included in a 24 page fanzine booklet, along with the original layout of the cassette as well. None of these bands need an introduction, they're all the crème de la crème of the early days of the French HC/Punk scene

Split release between W.G.M. Records and Crapoulet Records in France

Mastered for vinyl by Alex Nagle

Dedicated to Hervé, one of the original founders of J.H.I., who unfortunately passed away in Aug. 2020

Supervision by Philippe R. (Thank you so much for all the leg work and coordination!)

Thank you to Laurence and Pierre for their help as well.