SOLD OUT - SHŪKO NO OMIT "秘密の回顧録 | Himitsu no Kaikoroku" LP

SOLD OUT - SHŪKO NO OMIT "秘密の回顧録 | Himitsu no Kaikoroku" LP

$25.00 — Sold out

Will be shipping out around the end of the month

LP comes in a 3 panel silkcreened jacket with obi (yellow, tan, green) with inserts and a postcard

Liner notes by Patrick O’Brien

Shūko No Omit is a trio of Yonju Miyaoka on guitars and vocals, Yuya Oishi on drums, and Taiju Sugimori on bass: a classic framework for a rock band, and yet…
Led by Yonju Miyaoka, a young prolific musician from Osaka who lives with schizophrenia, Shūko No Omit could have found a home in the P.S.F. records catalogue curated by the late Hideo Ikeezumi, sitting alongside Go Hirano, Tori Kudo, Chie Mukai / Ché Shizu, and Kousokuya. Yonju Miyaoka’s music seems haunted by the psychedelic rock of the late seventies, by its electric, solitary ghost minstrels, perhaps also inhabited by the impulsive riffs of no-wave. His voice can sound slightly out of tune to the western ear, on the edge, and maybe this is what makes it so terribly moving. His guitar seems to be soaked in the same acid as poured out by the amplifiers of Keiji Haino or Takashi Mizutani, a mercurial grain, a wild and inhabited psychedelia. The compositions crawl towards their ends in a reptilian, winding way, in a mud of saturation and distortion, almost overlaying like tracing paper sheets, in a disordered manner. These six tracks evoke inner collapse, loss, expectations and oblivion. Like his elders, Miyaoka shows a nonchalant, almost dilettantish way of building songs, preferring a chipped body, the trace of a conundrum disorder, to schoolboy academic perfection. This album is a long improvisation with a punctured, dismembered body, thrown in here like a bucket full of viscera, and reassembled in an alternate fashion. Miyaoka lies there, naked.

SOLD OUT - SHŪKO NO OMIT "秘密の回顧録 | Himitsu no Kaikoroku" LP Image 2 SOLD OUT - SHŪKO NO OMIT "秘密の回顧録 | Himitsu no Kaikoroku" LP Image 3 SOLD OUT - SHŪKO NO OMIT "秘密の回顧録 | Himitsu no Kaikoroku" LP Image 4
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