SOLD OUT - Янка "Домой!" LP

Sold out

I should have this in from Russia sometime during February 2021

Second official Yankee album. In general, it was recorded (together with Anhedonia) simultaneously with the album block of Civil Defense "Russian Field of Experiments", "Armageddon-pops", "Healthy and Forever", "War", as well as my acoustic solo album "Tops and Roots", therefore the sound and quality of the recording are very close - the same instruments, effects, tracks, rings, recording and reproducing units were used. At the same time, the equipment and balance were lined up by Yanka herself, I only showed how what turns on and works, performed individual parts, and also managed the noises that, as she believed, were necessary. In addition, at the same time I made a picture "Home!" for the outside of the cover - in case the album is ever released. The drums and the rough guitar were recorded in St. Petersburg at the "Auktsion" point on July 20-21, and everything else - in the GrOb-studio from September 8 to 16, 1989. "Declassed Elements", "Rizhskaya" and partly "I'm a bitch" were recorded in Tyumen in June 1988 by Zhenya Shabanov.