Image of NUEVA FUERZA "s/t" EP


"Debut EP from this Spanish hardcore band and they manage to cram 10 raw blasts of hardcore onto this little 7". First off, I have to say this is absolutely killer... it's right up my alley, with short, sweet, and slightly sloppy hardcore songs delivered with a sense of spirit, wildness, and intensity. While the label's description references DYS, I can't say I really hear that aside from the way that some of the songs are very short and clipped, giving them an almost Wire-esque structure. Instead, this sounds to me a lot like early Wretched. Like Wretched, this is fast, wild, and has an intensity to the playing that so rarely comes across on record. A total beast of an EP... I could totally see this record coming to be revered in the same way as the Otan singles... it's that's good. Highly recommended." (Sorry State)