Honest American Noise Punk from true Fresno mutants meets tried and true Boston HC Punk that is to be expected of this city. A comprehensive representation of the East Coast meets the West Coast of the modern Hardcore Punk scene.

Sorry State: Split 7” from these two bands, comprising two of the last standing in the noise-punk game. Boston’s Video Filth turn in three tracks here that do just what I want this genre to do, that is push toward the avant-garde. I’m not sure if this is still the case, but I know that Video Filth used to contain members of Sadist, and I think there’s a very similar sensibility at play here in the way that the noise textures wash over top of the solid hardcore foundation. The drum sound on here is also weirdly industrial… it almost sounds like the drummer is using an electronic kit, or maybe they’re just close-mic’d in such a way that it sounds like the drums are beating from inside your skull. Either way it’s pretty cool. As for Mutant Itch, their take on the genre is a little more right-down-the-middle, what with their manic pogo beats and gargled vocals… however, they do the genre justice, and the howling, shrieking backing vocals are welcome and unexpected touch. I’m not sure how many of you out there are still flying the noise not music flag, but if you are this split will scratch your (Mutant) itch just fine.