SOLD OUT - Егор и Опизденевшие "Прыг-Скок" LP

SOLD OUT - Егор и Опизденевшие "Прыг-Скок" LP

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Together with the "Russian Field ..." this is probably my most beloved, responsible, hard-won, unthinkable and dear work to me. Having created this thing, I again "went beyond the flags", for my own, in any case, flags. I am especially referring to the title opus. The song about the fool is made up mostly of fragmentary images, phrases and lines that I semiconsciously wrote down, wallowing in an encephalitic fever, which treacherously and authentically visited me after another trip to the Urals. The connecting link was a somewhat revised Old Russian death spell.

“The dead man walks in a circle,
Looking for a dead man deader than himself.

The poem "Night", being written on the night of May 9-10, is breathtakingly and gratefully dedicated to Alexander Vvedensky, a poet and comrade-in-arms.
This album is very important and dear to me. These are my maybe jolly last and desperate patrons. And a song about a fool, and about a teddy bear (a song for the Yankee), and about a mouse and reeds, and about worms, and about a detachment that never noticed the loss of a fighter, and about a jump-jump taken from hardened steel into monstrous distances. ..
Pepper, salt and sugar.

Egor Letov, September 1990, Official albumography of GrOb-records

Song comments:
ABOUT THE FOOL (take 4), zap. July 9, 1990
Written a couple of hours before the start of the broadcast of the 1990 World Cup final, Germany - Argentina. Initially, a significantly larger number of vocal parts was conceived, but, unfortunately, this turned out to be unfeasible for technical reasons. Then I came up with an electric version of this song, which for the same reasons was not realized, but later recorded and included in the "Solstice".

ABOUT HOLINESS, MOUSE AND REEDS (take 1), ref. July 1990
It so happened that at that time I led a purely nocturnal lifestyle - the song arose in the morning somewhere in the forest under the strong influence of psychostimulants.
I am on all instruments.

The song was written at night in the country by the fire from drafts.

ABOUT CHERVYACHKOV (take 4), zap. late May 1990
See the commentary on "On Holiness..."

NIGHT (take 5), ref. May 1990

THE LITTLE PRINCE (take 1), ref. 06/12/1990
Originally written for the album "The Chronicle of the Dive Bomber" by the group "Communism", but it turned out somehow too sloppy. Jeff, who happened to be on my way from the Barnaul festival, played the guitar solo, by the way, the only one on the entire album.
Everything else is me.

ONCE AGAIN ABOUT THE FOOL (the only double), zap. 07/13/1990

ABOUT MISHUTKA (take 2), zap. 05/05/1990
The song was written simply as a gift for the Yankees. There are early, raw acoustic versions with very strange lyrics.

WHEN I DIE (take 1), op. May 1990

ZHEKA IS ALREADY IN HAMBURG (take 2), March 1991
It appeared as a spontaneous improvisation during one of the sessions of One Hundred Years of Solitude. Then it was perceived as a curiosity. It was originally called "Push Pivka", because at the end of each square Kuzma was shouting in a wild voice. Dedicated to Zheka Kolesov - he then lived in Germany and from time to time sent very pleasant and useful gifts. Of course, it was not included in the original version of Jump-Skok - it appeared as a bonus for one of the later editions on CD and was absurdly titled "About the Holographic Nightingales" (I don't remember why). Also included in the newly assembled and remixed album Grace of the Communism project.
Kuzma - solo guitar, tambourine; Jeff - bass, tuning fork I am acoustic guitar, drums.

MY DESCRIPTION (take 2), zap. June 1990
A fun short digression into Kastanedov's mythology. Recorded during the Jump-Skokov sessions, as well as many other things, never released.

ABOUT THE BUTT AND THE TRIGGER (SELF-WINNING) (take 2), zap. late May - early June 1990
The song was written in 1988 for the mini-album of the ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE project “Do with Us, Do Like Us, Do Better than Us”, after which it wandered for a long time through all sorts of semi-collections, undeservedly not getting into any album. I decided to fix it, but since I did not find the original, I simply played it again and sang it. Too bad there's no solo. But then there was such a concept in Jump-Skok - not a single solo at all.

IVANOV'S CHILDHOOD (take 2), zap. late May 1990
See commentary on The Little Prince.

JUMP-SKOK, zap. 07/16/1990
My main thing of that time. Conceived as a multi-hour happening using tape rings and a continuous monotonous riff. Something like "Human Factor in Action" from the "Satanism" album. In the draft version, the text is simply endless - for more than an hour, I guess. Subsequently, it was compressed to an acceptable version. To some extent, this is bringing to logical perfection what was previously traced in "Insects", "Conspiracy", "Meat Hut", "Novaya Pravda", etc. There are alternative versions of introductions, inserts and endings.

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